What is a Learner’s Driving Licence?

Learner’s Driving Licence is a temporary permit granted with a validity of only six months. Driving license is a legal document validating that the holder is duly qualified to drive a particular motor vehicle. Driving licenses are issued in two types – learners’ license and permanent license.  Learner’s driving license is the first license that needs to be obtained as it is issued for the purpose of learning. You must have a learner’s license first to possess a permanent driving license later. Let’s go the process of obtaining Lerner’s driving license

Eligibility Criteria for Learner’s Driving License

To apply for Learner’s driving license, a person needs to be at least 18 years old. However, a person who has turned 16 years may also obtain learner’s driving license for the motorcycle without gear and with the engine capacity not exceeding 50CC. Learner’s license for such cases will be issued only with the written consent from parents or legal guardians.

Learner’s driving license will be granted for driving a passenger vehicle and medium or heavy goods vehicle only after possessing a valid driving license for light motor vehicles at least for a year.

Applicant must get through a written test for obtaining Learner’s Driving License. In case an applicant could not pass the test in one go, it can be re attended a week later. But, passing the test is a mandatory requirement. Read more at

Documents Required for Learner’s Driving License

Below mentioned documents are required for applying for Learner’s driving license:

  • Form 2- Application for granting Learner’s driving license
  • Form 1 – Application cum declaration as to physical fitness
  • Form 1A – medical certificate, which is only required for applicants who are more than 40 years old and also for the transport vehicle’s license.
  • Two Passport size photographs of applicants
  • Copy of proof of residence (self-attested by the applicant) – any one of the below
  • Passport
  • Voter ID
  • Adhaar card
  • Ration card
  • Life Insurance policy document
  • Latest Income Tax returns
  • Utility bill such as Water or Electricity Bill
  • Landline Telephone Bill
  • Copy of proof of age (self-attested by the applicant) – any one of the below
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • School certificate
  • Citizenship Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • In case of transport vehicle’s learner license copy of proof of education also needs to be furnished (minimum of 8th standard completion)
  • Fees of Rs. 150 for each class of vehicle (both motorcycle and car) needs to be paid. Same amount needs to be paid for repeat test, if any.

Procedure for Applying Learner’s Driving License

Offline Mode

  • To apply for learner’s driving license in offline method, Form 2 needs to be filled and submitted along with all the necessary documents to the local Regional Transport Office. Form can be downloaded from RTO website.
  • Before submitting the documents, you need to make the payment of the prescribed fee.
  • Post submission of application and documents, you need to appear for a written test. Once you get through the test, you will be issued Learner’s driving license at the Regional Transport Office.

Online Mode

  • Log on to RTO website to access online application form for learner’s driving license. Online facility is available only for non-transport vehicles which are used for personal purposes
  • Fill-up all the necessary detail in the form and submit
  • Once application is successfully submitted online, Form 2 will be displayed on the web page screen.
  • Note down the test date and Learner’s license reference number displayed at the top of the screen page.
  • Carry the print out of this page while appearing for the written test on a prescribed date and time. Signed copy of the form generated along with all the necessary documents need to be submitted to Regional Transport Office at the same time.
  • In case the applicant is of age between 16-18 years old, duly filled in consent letter signed by parents or legal guardian should be submitted along with the application form and other documents. It’s also mandatory for parents to visit the RTO along with applicant
  • Post submission of documents, you are allowed to take the written test. And on passing the test Learner’s Driving License will be issued by RTO.

Lastly, once you receive the leaner’s driving license, make sure to affix the letter “L” in red on your vehicle as a safety measure for pedestrians. Follow traffic rules, ensure safety and happy driving!