Nature’s Cheat to Body Building


Consuming steroids in the new fad and people believe in consuming steroids. The usage of steroid is widely recognized among fitness experts, models, bodybuilders, and movie actors to name a few. Popular artist and social figure Arnold Schwarzenegger would consume Dianabol, which is a form of an anabolic steroid to keep up his physique and appearance in the 1970s. He had to support his look and feel as a body-building champion at that point in time.

People’s favorite Rambo also known as Sylvester Stallone was caught smuggling Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rHGH) in the year 2007 to Australia. He was only 61 years then and had an amazing figure to flaunt to the world. While these are just the snippets of two worldly acknowledged people, there are millions of such instances of commoners doing the same. There is a gamut of body builder across the globe and the fat reducing steroid market is the biggest growing platform on the digital platform.

Is body-building an ordeal or a bliss?

For those who wish to change their body’s look and feel along with muscle tone need to undergo three month steroid transformation. You should consider using anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS). This will act as a catalytic boost for your body and help you meet the results faster. However, the effects may vary between two people and will bring out a personalized effect.

There are certain factors like the person’s age and genetic makeup along with past medical history and diet plan, exercise routines and patterns (this comprises of the intensity and hours with a hint of frequency) and the type of anabolic steroid and its dosage and frequency. People often opt for intravenous steroid shots for a quicker process than consuming pills and tablets.

If one researches on the internet, he will find a series of ‘success stories’ that talk about the miracles associated with the weight loss regime and a series of debacles and damages associated with this regime.

Is steroid transformation a form cheating?

It is often a debatable topic about using steroids to meet a desired look and feel of the human body. They go on to say that getting breast implants and liposuction are also unethical and smells of double standards. For it is not the real you and you are going against nature and injecting this drug brings in unnatural effects in your body’s look and feel. The sports federations often feel it is a form of cheating to enhance your body’s mass and muscles with anabolic steroids across the globe.

Rather, the World Anti-Doping Agency and many other organizations have banned the usage of PED (performance enhancing drugs) and PIED (performance and image enhancing drugs). However, if you are not a professional sportsperson, then using these drugs are not considered illegal. Although in some countries, using anabolic steroids is legal while it is illegal in the other parts. These drugs are widely available on the internet and can be bought on global platforms and shipped across the world. Get your facts cleared and consult a doctor if you wish to undergo the process.