Pledge Collateral After Getting an Instant Secured Loan Deal Guarantee


When you need cash instantly for emergency or personal issues then, you can’t wait for loan approval process at the bank. They will not only take time but if your loan doesn’t get approved, it can damage your credit score. Fortunately, instant fast cash is available without the tension of bad credit score. These loans are provided online where application process is simple and you get loan dropped into your account within 24 hours.

One such company is Ardent direct where Canadian residents get their loan within same day if the documents match their requirements. All you have to do is submit your salary slip because they cannot provide loan to an unemployed person and also to those who don’t have salary less than $1200/month. You can get instant loans approval with Argent Direct if you follow all procedures properly.

A simple application process of five minutes and a good amount deposited the same day in your account. What else do you want during your hardship? When you get instant loan there are many things you need to compromise on –

  • They might not check your credit score because they know you applied to them due to bad credit score but with instant cash they might charge you higher interest rate. Keep aside your credit score but also see if you can manage the interest rate.
  • As mentioned above, credit score isn’t important but there are still certain criteria that are taken into account. For example, your age, current job, salary, citizenship and so on.
  • The repayment time period is quite less and they charge you fine if it isn’t paid on time. Although again, ignoring credit score is the biggest benefit that you get but you need to ensure that you can manage the installments on time.

Paying of installments on time is beneficial in the long run the lenders take note of it and you get added to their favourite list. The next time you submit an application for loan again, you get approval faster than expected.

There may be a situation that you might lose your job but need cash instantly. Don’t worry because there are agencies that help unemployed people as well. However, what matters is the loan tenure and high interest rate.

Now getting loans isn’t difficult. Even if it is your wedding, hospitalization fees, mortgage payment or emergencies, things can be taken care of even without good credit score.