Top Things To Know Before You Apply For A Credit Card


If you have a stable job and a decent income, getting a credit card shouldn’t be hard. However, with numerous banks making endless offers, how do you choose one? In this post, we will discuss the benefits of credit cards and the things that need attention.

The options

There’s a credit card for everyone! Yes, you read that right. From cards meant for women and frequent travelers to special ones that have fuel rebates and 0% monthly installment, the choices are many. Try to understand what may work for you before taking a call. The process of credit card application is pretty easy and straightforward, and if you fulfill the minimal requirements, getting an approval shouldn’t take more than a few days.

The benefits at a glance

Let’s face it – credit cards are convenient. You can use a card for almost anything, and sometimes, using credit cards ensures better deals and offers from merchants than a debit card. It also works like an advance and allows the user to spend beyond his means. You will also get better discounts on certain products, and if you have a lot of smaller debts, the card can help in consolidating the same. Many people also use cards to improve their credit score.

Things to note

Credit cards are anything but free. You will have to pay a small amount every year for the services, besides paying an interest rate. Applicants often miss out other things like late payment fee, which can only add to the costs. Applying for a BDO credit card is extremely easy, but unless you have checked the basic aspects, it is unwise to take a decision. As an applicant, you should be concerned about every charge that’s levied on the card, and the late payment charges shouldn’t be huge in the first place, given that people forget to pay their bills all the time.

The minimum requirements for a credit card application can vary, but there are a few market norms that are common to most cards. For example, if you need a gold card, you cannot apply with the minimal income as required for basic cards. It is also a good idea to compare a few cards. You can check online to find portals that offer assistance with different credit cards, and at the same time, you can also find further tips and suggestions on getting quick approval.